About this Blog

“Man needs escape as he needs food and deep sleep.”

– W.H. Auden

This blog is about the global and local travels of myself and my wife. We try to tread lightly as we go, taking only photos and leaving only footprints.

In practice, we know we’re more destructive than that – plane emissions included – and so we try to make up for these in our daily lives, by growing plants and using resources as sparingly as we can.

I’ve been traveling almost my whole life – from dreadful, rain-sodden holidays in Wales as a young boy, to six month round-the-world trips shortly after graduating college, and, while I now reside in Brooklyn, NY, with my wife and only “travel” during vacation-time, I look at my life as a journey of sorts. Sounds thoroughly cheesy, I know, but the point, I think, is that there is a real difference between traveling and vacationing. The vacationer goes somewhere and does what they would do wherever they vacationed – sunbathes, fishes, etc., whereas the traveler goes somewhere to do things they don’t do anywhere else. I think the other key difference is that travelers observe and vacationers consume. And, the reason that I think of my life as a journey, is that I try to observe my surroundings as I go.


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